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Sell a Junk Car Direct to a Salvage Yard

Sell Junk Cars, Trucks, and SUV's

By Ben Silver - June 15, 2016

When you go to sell a junk car in Denver, don’t lose out on any cash by selling your junk car to a middle man.  At the end of a junk car or junk trucks life, where is it going to end up? It’s going to a salvage yard to be processed.  Where do you think salvage yards or junkyards in Denver are getting all those junk cars, wrecked trucks, and junk SUV’s? They’re getting a lot of them from the middle men that want to purchase your junk car!  Do you think these middle men are making any money on the sale of that junk car? You better believe it! You wouldn’t get into the buying and selling of wrecked cars if it wasn’t profitable.  So, consumers can make more money on there junk car when they skip these middle men and sell there wreck direct to salvage yards. is a subsidiary of Central Auto Parts, a local a salvage yard.  So by selling direct to us, you make the most money.

There are many of these guys to be aware of.  A lot of them are just tow truck services that advertise that “We Buy Cars for Cash” or “Sell us Your Junk Car”.  These towers will simply turn around and sell the junk truck or car to a salvage.  Many of these towers are not setup to properly dispose of these vehicles in an environmentally sound manner, so they have to sell them to salvage yard to do so.  Internet buyers are the new class of middle men.  They pay large sums of money to place ads for terms like “sell a junk car Denver”, “we buy junk car’s”, “junk cars for cash”, etc.  Then they get calls and traffic when individuals have a junk car for sale.  These guys then get multiple bids from salvage yards and junkyards for the vehicle, and make the person with the vehicle an offer.  The middle man doesn’t handle the vehicle, process the junk car, or anything else.  They simply buy the lead and make money that could be ending up in the junk truck seller’s pocket.  Auto auctions are another middle man in the junk car game.  In Denver, there are many auto auctions which sell wrecked vehicles.  They charge fees to the seller and buyer in order to get bids.  Many of the other middle men will double down and use this middle man to sell there vehicles.  Then at the end of the day the salvage yard ends up with the junk car that they purchased from the auto auction and pays the fees.  The tower or other middle man makes some money but pays the fees as well, and the consumer makes less in order for these middle men to make there cut and take there fees on the junk car.

So, do yourself a solid and call the local salvage yards, junk car yards, junkyards, and auto recyclers.  You’ll get more money for your junk car or truck and skip the unnecessary middle men trying to make an extra buck on your junk car.