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Make More Money Your Junk Car or Truck!!

Maximize your profit on your wrecked vehicle.

By Ben Silver - July 21, 2015

It is so simple to get the most out of your wrecked car or unwanted vehicle! You need to remove the middle man.  By selling direct to a salvage yard you eliminate all of these middle men...

1. Tow Companies
2. Wrecked Vehicle Traders
3. Auto Auctions
4. Insurance Companies

All of the above companies will purchase your vehicle and the SELL them to a salvage yard in order to MAKE PROFITS! You can outsmart these guys and MAKE MORE MONEY on your wrecked vehicle by going around them and selling direct to the salvage yard.  Here's how...

1. Pick up the phone or open a web browser...
2. Call Central Auto Parts or submit a vehicle sell form
3. We'll come get the car and pay you the amount we would have paid the middle man!
4. Celebrate having made more money on your car or truck!

Everyone likes to make more money and cut out middle men, so do it.  It's a beautiful thing.